Stay Fresh: Three Items for Stellar Dental Health

Let’s get down to brass tacks, dental health is an important part of life. Your teeth say a lot about you. They tell the world whether you are lazy or disciplined. Just like in my article about keeping your car clean, this sends the same message to people. A dirty mouth makes people wonder what other areas of your life do you not care about. If they wonder about you at all.

Dental hygiene is crucial in removing the bacteria that causes rotting of the teeth. No teeth , no chewing to liquefy the food you eat. Food must be broken down to the tiniest bits to be useful for your intestines to further process. I’m not writing a superficial post here , this is real deal fellas.

Did you know the bacteria in your mouth can cause strokes and heart attacks if absorbed into the blood stream? Did you know losing teeth shortens your lifespan? Take care of your teeth gentlemen. These things will happen if you leave the bacteria unchecked.

And what about that sweet pretty young lady you have your eye on? Would she want to kiss your petri dish of a mouth? AHH No, she wouldn’t unless she’s low quality. How about that job you really want, the start up with more money you’ll know what to do with benny’s and relaxed atmosphere. Yup , you’ll be called yuckmouth behind your back, guaranteed.

A toothbrush is great , dental floss phenomenal, mouthwash now you’re getting it. To make your mouth even more stellar , I introduce you to three items I personally use that is next level hygiene.

  1. The dental picks-l1000

The pick removes tartar and plaque that may build up on you teeth, don’t be afraid to use them. Teeth are strong and will continue to be strong if you use this.


2. The Tongue Scraper…clears toxins from your tongue which are released when you sleep (morning breath), stimulates saliva production which is part of the digestion process , cleans the taste buds so they sense the flavors of food better, makes your breathe fresher and who wouldn’t want that?


3. The Grand Daddy of them all….The Waterpik…

The waterpik is my favorite. Just like a glass of water washes your body from the inside and a shower washes you from the outside, so the waterpik washes your teeth, gums and tongue. It flosses with water and the pressure can be increased or decreased. The $60 I spent on it, I can say it was worth every penny. This investment in myself comes with a few extra tips  hidden in the compartment above for fine flossing and tartar control. Using this leaves a fresh invigorated mouth. I even bought one for my daughter who now has braces, excellent choice.


I highly recommend these products for dental hygiene gentlemen, added to you arsenal of  a regular tooth brush regiment and teeth whitening mouthwash. Keep your teeth clean , smelling great because once they’re gone, they don’t grow back. You can get it here .



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