Why Men Should Learn How to Dance

Every straight guy loves to do the horizontal mambo with a woman , I’d be no exception. But there is more to life that just sex. If all you’re focused on in life is getting laid, you’re missing out, on a lot. I bring to the table the idea of learning to dance.

By dancing, I’m not talking about table dances, or sexual grinding at the club. I’m talking about waltzes, tango, salsa, ballroom. Old school stuff that made life worth living. The male and female dynamic of flawless motions, fluid as water. elegant and refined.  A mature symphony played out by man and woman.

Do you want to get good with a woman? Learn to dance. Again this is a character builder. Most women not all, love to dance. It makes them feel free and it’s expressive. It’s all around a positive thing. You will get exercise from it. Can you say winning? Dancing will tone up your body.

You will learn how to lead a woman on the dance floor, which is a preamble to leading them in life. It will take your mind off of negative things in your life even for if it’s just a short time. Dancing was a huge deal in the good old days of the 20’s up until the disco era. It’s a shame it went out of style.

It was a way to make a night out with your special girl just magic. Who wouldn’t want a pretty girl that looked and smelled great on your arm. Twirling her around with high energy . Wonder why women this day and age love Dancing With The Stars?

Dancing is competitive and battling it out with you girl against your best friend and his girl made the night even better. Girls are competitive too so put it to good use.  Dancing is also about having a good time with friends and meeting new friends.

I will put on a cd of Benny Goodman in my surround sound when I have home dinner date and get to stepping with a girl, just to make the night that much better. Dancing will set you apart from the other schmucks that just want to bang her as well.

Dancing lessons are pretty pricey but I’ve learned in bars when the female bartender I made friends with also taught dancing for free. I’ve bought DWTS videos and just copied their movements. I’ve danced not knowing what I was doing and  guess what? I survived the embarrassment to live and tell about it.

Don’t be afraid to learn new things, you just might find you become more fun and interesting .

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