Why Classic Movies are Important for Men

Classic movies are pure gold in many ways. I’m talking about the Ted Turner , TMC network type of movies, the black and white , leading man and woman. Men in suits , women in dresses. These movies can teach you a lot about life . There was purpose and structure to life back then. They can teach you how dress and , how to interact with women, they can teach you values. The list is endless. I will give you a few that I like

This dvd set leading-men-film-collection-20-movie-set-dvd_1000This dvd set I bought on amazon for $5 , it has twenty films so its a great buy , although there a few films on it that I wouldn’t consider great. But the film on here is a film called “That Uncertain Feeling” , The husband runs game on his almost cheating wife and makes he come to her senses. Every guy should watch this one. You can get it here.


Another film I recommend is Gone With The Wind, if you can stay awake for it, it’s along flick and the only real interesting part is the scenes with Clark Gable. Better yet just get shorter flicks with Clark Gable.

clark-gable-399715_960_720Clark Gable was known to be one of the most masculine men in Hollywood and this was even voiced by a woman he was pretty serious with. Learn from old movies gentlemen. They’re cheap and they are way better than the CGI liberal garbage  seeping out of Hollywood these days.

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