Moral Obligations to Humanity

I invented a weapon. A weapon that would revolutionize the firearm industry and the ammunition industry. This weapon would be cheaper to make, it wouldn’t rust and the ammunition could be found fairly easily. I could make billions if I decided to mass produce it.

I tossed it around in my head as to how quickly I could get a drawings made up and patents filed. I invented this weapon for the purpose of hunting, ducks, elk, deer, buffalo, etc. It contains no lead in the ammo so wildlife poisoning wouldn’t be an issue, but as I thought and thought about it.

I realized that unleashing this on the public or even worse to the government could be disastrous. I couldn’t give these people this weapon, they cant even tell the truth or balance a budget. I didn’t want to be the guy who came up with a better way of killing people.

We have a enough killing going on and because something can be created and be profitable doesn’t mean that it should be created. I feel a moral obligation to keep this weapon contained in my mind until I enter the grave. I have invented a lot of things and will continue to invent.

In my experience if I don’t act on an invention someone else will have the same or similar idea and will act on it. I hope this is not the case in this circumstance. I just can’t in good conscience create a weapon that could upheave a lot of lives. The lesson I’m trying to drive home is think before you act.

A new found fortune does not necessarily mean you did a good job. Sometimes making a lot of money is curse not a blessing. Let’s be better to one another gentlemen.




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