Do Whatever it Takes to Get Where You Need to Be.

I was working two jobs, a full time job at a trucking company and a part time at a paint company. I was working 70 hours a week.  I literally went from one job to the other with enough time to eat something, change clothes and have a cigarette. When the work day was over, most times I would just fall asleep.

I worked six days a week and started writing on the 7th day. I was paying off debts and starting to tread water , rebuilding my credit and stacking chips (saving money). I paid off a pickup truck and bought two more vehicles in the time span of two years. One of those vehicles was a motorcycle.

The motorcycle was cheaper to operate and I was an everyday rider. I rode in the rain, dust storms, the winter cold and the summer heat. I had to save my money and I was already making a lot of it. The money was starting to grow. I was loving it.

I can’t speak for anyone else but that feeling of buying something new that you worked hard for doesn’t even compare to the feeling of accomplishment of not buying something new and holding that money like a hostage and seeing the pile grown bigger and bigger. (Run on sentence)

It was a new found discipline I became really good at. I also became great at keeping my expenses down (I plan to write an ebook about it , so stay tuned in). I had goals and I was going to achieve them. Nothing was going to stop me.

I always wanted to be an entrepreneur since I was little boy. Call it internal drive or the influence my dad gave me the few times he was around. Either way I was going to make it. Financial freedom . I was going to make it and I was going to do it without breaking the law.

You see I have had a shady past which I grew out of but I have encountered people who had no qualms about breaking the law. One guy was a musician on the weekends, making $5,000 in cash in 2 days. Problem was, he wasn’t paying taxes on any of it. He had to get a part time job at the paint store I worked at to prove to the IRS that he was paying taxes.

This young men is called an empty victory. If you have to break the rules, you don’t really win, you just cheat. I on the other hand outsmart the system and still get the victory. I still get the money. I still get the Armani suits and the brand new appliances.

Yeah, I had to bust my balls to do it for a few years but now I own my own business. I make my own money. My confidence level is higher because I didn’t quit and I didn’t have to cheat to do it. I have an iron resolve and I ran the full race. This is what builds character gentlemen.

Character is what makes a man , a man. I have always had this belief that having a  job , dependent on an employer was less manly than owning the company. I don’t do well getting up early to fulfill someone else’s dreams, especially if they are already wealthy and dreams achieved. I don’t do well taking orders from people less intelligent that me.

In my experience most people in authority roles in the work force are not qualified for their position. I’ve had many bosses that were not cut out for leadership and only held their position because it made their lives more comfortable. A cushy job they didn’t have to do too much manual labor.

These people continue working in these cushy positions and haven’t grown or been promoted. To me that’s stagnating. To me that’s not living up to a man’s full potential. I don’t care though, not my life. I’m not knocking a 9-5 job. You do you , if that’s what you want than go for it. For me though I want better.

I want the freedom to create and make other peoples lives better. I want the money to help the unfortunate and make a difference. I want to live a great life and help others live a great life.  The best way is to hustle for it.





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