A Man’s Haven: The Barbershop


The history of the barber goes back to the bronze age, where razors were found in 3500 BC Egypt. Barbers were for most part surgeons and dentists at first. They did a wide variety of services.  I won’t get into all of that. I want to talk about the value of the barber shop in a man’s life.

The barbershop is different from a salon . Salons are geared toward women and children, mostly women. Salons have female hairdressers which are great to look at but there’s something missing. There’s no atmosphere for men to be men, you have watch what you say, and its a pace of get you in get you out kind of thing.

A barbershop on the other hand is a gathering place for men, a place to bolster your ego, make friends, be supported by other men, exchange ideas, a place to get away from a nagging woman. Not to mention a place where men can be men.

There’s nothing like a hot steamy towel on your face gentleman, and electrical clippers don’t hold a candle to a the skillful hand of barber using his straight razor on your neck. There is nothing a salon has that matches the way you feel after leaving a barbershop.

Looking clean, feeling fresh. Smelling incredible and it lasts for days. The talc brushed on you enflamed pores is nothing short of fantastic. A barber who knows what he is doing is a lifelong friend in my eyes. The prices are usually cheaper than a salon as well.

If your a Great Clips or Super Cuts kinda guy , I highly suggest trying out you local barber shop ,you wont be disappointed. Leave the salon for manly pastures (I only salon when I want to hit on the hot hair dresser or am too busy ).

This is one of those manly traditions that should never have fallen out of style. I hope you try it out and make up you own minds. I’m sold on it and there’s no changing my opinions. Stay fresh gentlemen and I’ll meet you again with the next article.









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