The Clothes Make The Man


The old saying “Clothes Make The Man” is partially true. It takes more than just clothes to make a man but clothes are an important part. If you look back through the history of the modern world, you will see a correlation. The suit and a successful man.

No man who wears a “Fuck Trump” , “Who Farted”, “I’m With Stupid”, or a Legend of Zelda t-shirt seriously in public will ever be majorly successful in this life. Maybe it’s says something different , doesn’t matter. What matters is taking pride in your appearance gentlemen.

Every single successful man written in the annuals of history wore a suit. They were taken seriously. They were respected, at least for a while unless they made irreparable damage to their reputations.

My point is , care about how you look. People judge you instantly on how you look.  You maybe a great guy. You maybe a serial killer. If you don’t care about your appearance neither will anyone else. Fact.

I was shopping in a grocery store before the beard trend started and I had a full on beard, Duck Dynasty full on. My clothes were clean but I was wearing a t-shirt and jeans. I was picking through the chicken wing  hot case . One of the ladies that worked there ran and told someone a homeless guy was trying to steal chicken wings. That someone was my wife , who just happened to work there.

My appearance wasn’t on point. I could have gotten the beard lined up and groomed and wore better clothes. I wasn’t homeless, I wasn’t a thief.  The lady didn’t know that. All she saw was my appearance.


Take pride in how you dress , gentlemen. People talk and with people being so untrusting and socially dependent. It can cause you a lot of problems, unwarranted problems. You don’t always have to wear a suit, but the details matter.




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    1. Start with a frame work. Squared off, close to the face. Keep it clean, beards collect dirt and other debris. A dirty beard is something you smell a day long. A full beard is best from sideburn to sideburn. No patchy areas. Patchy men should go without a beard, it looks better that way. Avoid chinstraps, neckbeards, amish beards (no mustache), goatees (looks like vaginas),and mutton chops. Go for a timeless look that works in any time period. Also note that a beard makes a man appear more aggressive. Clean shaven men appear to be more social and approachable. You have to maintain your beard otherwise you get the homeless rapist stigma and you dont want that.

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