Social Skills : Part 1

Social skills are important in life , I used to think they weren’t but lesson learned. most people in this world are social retarded. Most problems between two people is lack of social savvy. I have seen it time and time again. Between best friends, husbands and wives, mother and daughter, father and son, neighbor to neighbor, or drunks at the bar.

College kids fresh with their degrees are still socially awkward. Intellect doesn’t equate to socially smart. But we are all human we can still learn, right? I’ll go through some ways to help the socially awkward become better at navigating this area.

Step 1 is showing friendliness. This mentioned in the Bible , Proverbs 18:24, A man with friends must first show himself friendly. Showing interest in someone is the first step. Going up and talking to a person is how you do this. What do I say ? you ask. Well it could be about anything.

If they have a article of clothing you like, you mention that. Are they getting that new burrito you’ve been wanting to try. A new motorcycle you think is pretty cool. You can literally have anything to say if you’re observant of the things going on around you.

With men, mentioning that hot girl that just walked passed, or that bitchin’ cold air intake he has on his pickup truck. You can talk to anyone about anything at anytime. The sky is the limit. Get out there and be social .

“What if I say something stupid?” you ask. Well you will and you will learn what to say and what not to say and when. The point is doing it and getting good at it. One rule of conversation is to avoid certain topics:

*Money- If you have a lot of money or none at all, you don’t talk about it. Nobody wants to hear a blow hard bragging about their new found fortune. It gets old quick and incites jealousy. Remember we’re trying to make friends not enemies. Enemies will come on their own.

*Politics- I was raised conservative but I also have friends that are liberals, democrats, libertarians. I either maturely exchange ideas with these friends because I am very diplomatic and try to see their point of view without compromising my convictions. Or I just leave this topic alone.  But politics for others can become a heated situation quick. Unless you are diplomatic I would avoid talking about politics. Many of my liberal and conservative friends post politics stuff non stop on their social media and it just alienates them. I will show in a later post how to use social media properly.

*Sex- you don’t want to talk about sex, because this is a private area. Kissing and telling is low class , period. No one wants to know who you did and how. Everyone has sex and your notch counts don’t matter to anyone but you . Plus you may destroy your reputation as well as someone else. This also won’t advance you career unless you work in the adult film industry and even then. It’s low class gentlemen.

*Religion- This is also a private area that can get heated quick. You say , “Well the 12 disciples talked about Jesus to everybody.” Yeah they did, but BIG BIG but, they were mature in the faith , not fresh from conversion. They had learned first hand from the master. They were diplomatic. They had their stuff together before going out, they knew what they were talking about.  They knew the scriptures backwards and forwards. They were not perfect but were on a different level than Christians today. They were also killed for doing it, and that is a level of commitment unheard of these days. Until you have your life together and are mature in the faith and willing to die for your worldview. Keep quiet about it. It will only make you look bad until you do.

*Complaints. Honestly everyone has a complaint about something. Everyone goes through hard times. But if you’re the cat that never stops complaining, you will get old fast and people won’t want to be around you. Stay positive , deal with your issues and only tell close friends you can trust. Eventually they will get sick of it too. You can read uplifting Bible verses, affirmations, talk to a counselor go to a mountain top and yell out your frustrations, give your heavy burden up to God,  just think it through for a solution, go to the gun range and unload some cartridges, whatever you have to do to release that negativity. But don’t get on facebook and blast away about all your problems, don’t complain all the time. Everyone has problems and if you always have problems, your become another problem to someone else. They don’t need it.

*Race- Race shouldn’t even be an issue but it is so let’s explore it. Racism is an old wound in The United States that keeps getting the scab peeled off so it never really heals. I personally think that its being used as a tool of distraction to what is really going on. I think globalists are using racism to divide and conquer.

Remember that film Swordfish with John Travolta, Halle Berry, and Hugh Jackman? John Travolta was the bad guy. He was a master at distraction. With one hand he was creating chaos to hide what his real intentions and actions were with the other hand. Same principle. Keep the racism wound open , manipulate the emotions of the people and get them heated and turned against each other and push the global agenda. Black Americans and Latino Americans are very emotional people. If you know how to control their emotions you can control them. The globalist know this.

The N-word needs to die in this country, it does nothing to help heal the wound of racism when someone says it. It doesn’t enhance anyone’s life. Race shouldn’t be talked about unless it enhances someone’s life. It shouldn’t be talked about in less you are curious about that particular culture and would genuinely like to learn about it. Slavery in America is a stain in our history and should make us better not worse. When you think about in a modern way, we are all slaves now. Working to build Pharaoh’s Pyramids. Doesn’t matter what color you are , we’re all getting screwed.


*Too Much Personal Information–Quickest way to get someone you just met to dislike you is to tell them your life story. Far too often you meet that guy or girl that has to tell you every boring detail of their lives. It’s off putting especially if you just met the person. Frankly, I’m far too busy to listen as I’m sure you are too. Get to the point and get the formalities out the way, exchanges numbers and slowly grow a relationship with the person. Leave some mystery on the table, and talk about things people would be interested in. This where small talk comes in. Wait for the deep meaningful conversations until much later.

*Personal Success Stories–Success is great and everyone wants to succeed. But coming off as bragging about your conquests makes you look like a douche bag. To pull off the personal success story you have to be skilled enough to incorporate you audience and emotionally connect with them , giving them hope that they can succeed too. How many rappers that became rich and famous took their buddy along for the ride? A lot , right? If you succeed teach others how, give them hope that they can do it too. They may act on it they may not. They may succeed and be life long friends or turn on you. Either way you build a reputation for sharing the success and being a true friend.

*Career Aspirations/Dreams–The quickest way to find the haters in life is talk about you dreams. Telling people about your career plans will attract the slave minded thinking of most people. Keep the dreams to yourself and your close circle of like minded guys. Most people like to shit on ambitious people because they know they will never be ambitious enough to change their station in life. True story, my own family members are like this. I love my mom but she would roll her eyes when I would tell her my dreams. My own wife tried to sabotage my life because she thought she would lose me if I succeeded. Keep dreams to yourself gentlemen.

Do you have any topics on social skills you want me to write about ? Let me know.





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