The Value Of Moral Sentries


Everyone has seen the movies with the medieval knights and castles. Whether you like them for the  weapons, armor, fight scenes , over acting or the default fake British accents. You can’t help but notice a higher level of thinking.

There is a bit of class and refinement to them. Even the poor and down trodden have a sense of dignity and level of morality to them. Today in the modern world people seem to be cultivating anything but a higher level of thinking. Today people seem to be drawn to a garbage culture.

When something rare and priceless is made available to everyone for dirt cheap it is no longer rare or valuable, it becomes common and worthless. Case in point,  sexuality of the human female. These days the human female has more sexual options than ever before and hooks up with those options on the regular.

The penis envy is strong among them. They must do what boys do and have what the boys have. Little do they know they de-value their sexuality in the process. I’m not bashing women, in fact I love women, they add a great dynamic to life. They give men reasons to grow to be better men by the constant testing and emotional hurricanes. But their power lies in their sexuality and their cunning. Not their notch counts.

Conquering a dream, leading a family or team or business or country to greatness is what men were wired for. For men to achieve this they must have a code of conduct, a code of set principles , an  uncompromising set of standards he will not be moved from.

This my friends is the where moral sentries stand guard. A sentry is a guard who stands tall and looks out for threats to his valuables. Valuables can be either physical items , intellectual items, moral items, or his family. The sentry stands as one part of a man’s defense and he has many.

Other parts can be a mote, a defensive wall, archers, infantry, whatever it is. It protects the things that he values. This is why the Temple Mount in Jerusalem had defensive walls and guards to protect the valuable arc of the covenant. This is why medieval Europe had castles  with motes and surrounded by stone walls.

To keep it all protected, to keep the evil doers out, to keep the sacred , well sacred. To keep the  threats at bay. Same principle all over the world. Barriers that only certain people can cross. Those worthy enough to pass were admitted.

This principle can also be used in your own mind, to mentally set up moral sentries, defensive walls, and motes to guard your mind against the threats that come to destroy you. “What threatens my mind?” you say. Threats like , low self esteem, gossip, pornography ,  drugs, murder, whatever lowers you as person is a threat.

A team of moral sentries will keep the threats at bay. You consciously set them up in your mind as things you will not do, things you will not say, thoughts you refuse to entertain, songs you wont listen to , movies you will never watch, behaviors you refuse to engage in and people you refuse to spent time with.

This will work with women as well but will be harder for them to discipline themselves into doing it. This is why they crave strong men to lead them. They’re half child/half adult. Set your principles up ,set your defensive walls up, appoint your moral sentries and have them stand guard. Because the threats are real and they will continue to attack until you draw your last breath.

A man must either discover his own set of principles or have them revealed to him. The threats will come and try to destroy you. Rise up for the fight boys. I’m in your corner.









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