Stay Fresh: Three Items for Stellar Dental Health

Let’s get down to brass tacks, dental health is an important part of life. Your teeth say a lot about you. They tell the world whether you are lazy or disciplined. Just like in my article about keeping your car clean, this sends the same message to people. A dirty mouth makes people wonder what other areas of your life do you not care about. If they wonder about you at all.

Dental hygiene is crucial in removing the bacteria that causes rotting of the teeth. No teeth , no chewing to liquefy the food you eat. Food must be broken down to the tiniest bits to be useful for your intestines to further process. I’m not writing a superficial post here , this is real deal fellas.

Did you know the bacteria in your mouth can cause strokes and heart attacks if absorbed into the blood stream? Did you know losing teeth shortens your lifespan? Take care of your teeth gentlemen. These things will happen if you leave the bacteria unchecked.

And what about that sweet pretty young lady you have your eye on? Would she want to kiss your petri dish of a mouth? AHH No, she wouldn’t unless she’s low quality. How about that job you really want, the start up with more money you’ll know what to do with benny’s and relaxed atmosphere. Yup , you’ll be called yuckmouth behind your back, guaranteed.

A toothbrush is great , dental floss phenomenal, mouthwash now you’re getting it. To make your mouth even more stellar , I introduce you to three items I personally use that is next level hygiene.

  1. The dental picks-l1000

The pick removes tartar and plaque that may build up on you teeth, don’t be afraid to use them. Teeth are strong and will continue to be strong if you use this.


2. The Tongue Scraper…clears toxins from your tongue which are released when you sleep (morning breath), stimulates saliva production which is part of the digestion process , cleans the taste buds so they sense the flavors of food better, makes your breathe fresher and who wouldn’t want that?


3. The Grand Daddy of them all….The Waterpik…

The waterpik is my favorite. Just like a glass of water washes your body from the inside and a shower washes you from the outside, so the waterpik washes your teeth, gums and tongue. It flosses with water and the pressure can be increased or decreased. The $60 I spent on it, I can say it was worth every penny. This investment in myself comes with a few extra tips  hidden in the compartment above for fine flossing and tartar control. Using this leaves a fresh invigorated mouth. I even bought one for my daughter who now has braces, excellent choice.


I highly recommend these products for dental hygiene gentlemen, added to you arsenal of  a regular tooth brush regiment and teeth whitening mouthwash. Keep your teeth clean , smelling great because once they’re gone, they don’t grow back. You can get it here .



Why Men Should Learn How to Dance

Every straight guy loves to do the horizontal mambo with a woman , I’d be no exception. But there is more to life that just sex. If all you’re focused on in life is getting laid, you’re missing out, on a lot. I bring to the table the idea of learning to dance.

By dancing, I’m not talking about table dances, or sexual grinding at the club. I’m talking about waltzes, tango, salsa, ballroom. Old school stuff that made life worth living. The male and female dynamic of flawless motions, fluid as water. elegant and refined.  A mature symphony played out by man and woman.

Do you want to get good with a woman? Learn to dance. Again this is a character builder. Most women not all, love to dance. It makes them feel free and it’s expressive. It’s all around a positive thing. You will get exercise from it. Can you say winning? Dancing will tone up your body.

You will learn how to lead a woman on the dance floor, which is a preamble to leading them in life. It will take your mind off of negative things in your life even for if it’s just a short time. Dancing was a huge deal in the good old days of the 20’s up until the disco era. It’s a shame it went out of style.

It was a way to make a night out with your special girl just magic. Who wouldn’t want a pretty girl that looked and smelled great on your arm. Twirling her around with high energy . Wonder why women this day and age love Dancing With The Stars?

Dancing is competitive and battling it out with you girl against your best friend and his girl made the night even better. Girls are competitive too so put it to good use.  Dancing is also about having a good time with friends and meeting new friends.

I will put on a cd of Benny Goodman in my surround sound when I have home dinner date and get to stepping with a girl, just to make the night that much better. Dancing will set you apart from the other schmucks that just want to bang her as well.

Dancing lessons are pretty pricey but I’ve learned in bars when the female bartender I made friends with also taught dancing for free. I’ve bought DWTS videos and just copied their movements. I’ve danced not knowing what I was doing and  guess what? I survived the embarrassment to live and tell about it.

Don’t be afraid to learn new things, you just might find you become more fun and interesting .

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A Man’s Haven: The Barbershop


The history of the barber goes back to the bronze age, where razors were found in 3500 BC Egypt. Barbers were for most part surgeons and dentists at first. They did a wide variety of services.  I won’t get into all of that. I want to talk about the value of the barber shop in a man’s life.

The barbershop is different from a salon . Salons are geared toward women and children, mostly women. Salons have female hairdressers which are great to look at but there’s something missing. There’s no atmosphere for men to be men, you have watch what you say, and its a pace of get you in get you out kind of thing.

A barbershop on the other hand is a gathering place for men, a place to bolster your ego, make friends, be supported by other men, exchange ideas, a place to get away from a nagging woman. Not to mention a place where men can be men.

There’s nothing like a hot steamy towel on your face gentleman, and electrical clippers don’t hold a candle to a the skillful hand of barber using his straight razor on your neck. There is nothing a salon has that matches the way you feel after leaving a barbershop.

Looking clean, feeling fresh. Smelling incredible and it lasts for days. The talc brushed on you enflamed pores is nothing short of fantastic. A barber who knows what he is doing is a lifelong friend in my eyes. The prices are usually cheaper than a salon as well.

If your a Great Clips or Super Cuts kinda guy , I highly suggest trying out you local barber shop ,you wont be disappointed. Leave the salon for manly pastures (I only salon when I want to hit on the hot hair dresser or am too busy ).

This is one of those manly traditions that should never have fallen out of style. I hope you try it out and make up you own minds. I’m sold on it and there’s no changing my opinions. Stay fresh gentlemen and I’ll meet you again with the next article.









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Do Whatever it Takes to Get Where You Need to Be.

I was working two jobs, a full time job at a trucking company and a part time at a paint company. I was working 70 hours a week.  I literally went from one job to the other with enough time to eat something, change clothes and have a cigarette. When the work day was over, most times I would just fall asleep.

I worked six days a week and started writing on the 7th day. I was paying off debts and starting to tread water , rebuilding my credit and stacking chips (saving money). I paid off a pickup truck and bought two more vehicles in the time span of two years. One of those vehicles was a motorcycle.

The motorcycle was cheaper to operate and I was an everyday rider. I rode in the rain, dust storms, the winter cold and the summer heat. I had to save my money and I was already making a lot of it. The money was starting to grow. I was loving it.

I can’t speak for anyone else but that feeling of buying something new that you worked hard for doesn’t even compare to the feeling of accomplishment of not buying something new and holding that money like a hostage and seeing the pile grown bigger and bigger. (Run on sentence)

It was a new found discipline I became really good at. I also became great at keeping my expenses down (I plan to write an ebook about it , so stay tuned in). I had goals and I was going to achieve them. Nothing was going to stop me.

I always wanted to be an entrepreneur since I was little boy. Call it internal drive or the influence my dad gave me the few times he was around. Either way I was going to make it. Financial freedom . I was going to make it and I was going to do it without breaking the law.

You see I have had a shady past which I grew out of but I have encountered people who had no qualms about breaking the law. One guy was a musician on the weekends, making $5,000 in cash in 2 days. Problem was, he wasn’t paying taxes on any of it. He had to get a part time job at the paint store I worked at to prove to the IRS that he was paying taxes.

This young men is called an empty victory. If you have to break the rules, you don’t really win, you just cheat. I on the other hand outsmart the system and still get the victory. I still get the money. I still get the Armani suits and the brand new appliances.

Yeah, I had to bust my balls to do it for a few years but now I own my own business. I make my own money. My confidence level is higher because I didn’t quit and I didn’t have to cheat to do it. I have an iron resolve and I ran the full race. This is what builds character gentlemen.

Character is what makes a man , a man. I have always had this belief that having a  job , dependent on an employer was less manly than owning the company. I don’t do well getting up early to fulfill someone else’s dreams, especially if they are already wealthy and dreams achieved. I don’t do well taking orders from people less intelligent that me.

In my experience most people in authority roles in the work force are not qualified for their position. I’ve had many bosses that were not cut out for leadership and only held their position because it made their lives more comfortable. A cushy job they didn’t have to do too much manual labor.

These people continue working in these cushy positions and haven’t grown or been promoted. To me that’s stagnating. To me that’s not living up to a man’s full potential. I don’t care though, not my life. I’m not knocking a 9-5 job. You do you , if that’s what you want than go for it. For me though I want better.

I want the freedom to create and make other peoples lives better. I want the money to help the unfortunate and make a difference. I want to live a great life and help others live a great life.  The best way is to hustle for it.





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The Value of Keeping Quiet

King Solomon once wrote , “Silence is Golden” and with dealing with women, it’s the most important part of your arsenal. Women know this and will clam up in a heartbeat. Never show all your cards. Sometimes the best response is no response.

This keeps you mysterious, it keeps you in control of frame. Mastering the art of silence keeps you out of trouble. If you don’t say anything, you don’t have to explain anything. You keep silent , you don’t have to apologize for careless words you said.

You keep silent , you don’t have to cover up any lies you may have told since you never lied. Silence is golden gentlemen. With silence there is no promises broken, because you didn’t commit to promise anything.

We as men trying to build our character don’t want to break promises. We want to be men of our word, and when you stay silent , you won’t break your word. There is less sticky situations to get tangled up in and you give yourself time to reflect and think it through. This is what true leaders do.

Silence keeps you from insulting someone when they say something stupid. This is a tool you need in your toolbox, not just dealing with women but society as a whole. In the film ‘The Godfather’ , Marlon Brando as Vito Corleone, admonishes his son Sonny when he speaks before thinking, “Never tell anyone outside the family what you’re thinking again.” Silence is golden gentlemen.

Use this tool often and make it a part of you.  When people don’t know what you are thinking they can’t use it against you. This a very powerful social skill add it to your toolbox of navigating the social settings you are in.





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Moral Obligations to Humanity

I invented a weapon. A weapon that would revolutionize the firearm industry and the ammunition industry. This weapon would be cheaper to make, it wouldn’t rust and the ammunition could be found fairly easily. I could make billions if I decided to mass produce it.

I tossed it around in my head as to how quickly I could get a drawings made up and patents filed. I invented this weapon for the purpose of hunting, ducks, elk, deer, buffalo, etc. It contains no lead in the ammo so wildlife poisoning wouldn’t be an issue, but as I thought and thought about it.

I realized that unleashing this on the public or even worse to the government could be disastrous. I couldn’t give these people this weapon, they cant even tell the truth or balance a budget. I didn’t want to be the guy who came up with a better way of killing people.

We have a enough killing going on and because something can be created and be profitable doesn’t mean that it should be created. I feel a moral obligation to keep this weapon contained in my mind until I enter the grave. I have invented a lot of things and will continue to invent.

In my experience if I don’t act on an invention someone else will have the same or similar idea and will act on it. I hope this is not the case in this circumstance. I just can’t in good conscience create a weapon that could upheave a lot of lives. The lesson I’m trying to drive home is think before you act.

A new found fortune does not necessarily mean you did a good job. Sometimes making a lot of money is curse not a blessing. Let’s be better to one another gentlemen.




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Why Classic Movies are Important for Men

Classic movies are pure gold in many ways. I’m talking about the Ted Turner , TMC network type of movies, the black and white , leading man and woman. Men in suits , women in dresses. These movies can teach you a lot about life . There was purpose and structure to life back then. They can teach you how dress and , how to interact with women, they can teach you values. The list is endless. I will give you a few that I like

This dvd set leading-men-film-collection-20-movie-set-dvd_1000This dvd set I bought on amazon for $5 , it has twenty films so its a great buy , although there a few films on it that I wouldn’t consider great. But the film on here is a film called “That Uncertain Feeling” , The husband runs game on his almost cheating wife and makes he come to her senses. Every guy should watch this one. You can get it here.


Another film I recommend is Gone With The Wind, if you can stay awake for it, it’s along flick and the only real interesting part is the scenes with Clark Gable. Better yet just get shorter flicks with Clark Gable.

clark-gable-399715_960_720Clark Gable was known to be one of the most masculine men in Hollywood and this was even voiced by a woman he was pretty serious with. Learn from old movies gentlemen. They’re cheap and they are way better than the CGI liberal garbage  seeping out of Hollywood these days.

The Clothes Make The Man


The old saying “Clothes Make The Man” is partially true. It takes more than just clothes to make a man but clothes are an important part. If you look back through the history of the modern world, you will see a correlation. The suit and a successful man.

No man who wears a “Fuck Trump” , “Who Farted”, “I’m With Stupid”, or a Legend of Zelda t-shirt seriously in public will ever be majorly successful in this life. Maybe it’s says something different , doesn’t matter. What matters is taking pride in your appearance gentlemen.

Every single successful man written in the annuals of history wore a suit. They were taken seriously. They were respected, at least for a while unless they made irreparable damage to their reputations.

My point is , care about how you look. People judge you instantly on how you look.  You maybe a great guy. You maybe a serial killer. If you don’t care about your appearance neither will anyone else. Fact.

I was shopping in a grocery store before the beard trend started and I had a full on beard, Duck Dynasty full on. My clothes were clean but I was wearing a t-shirt and jeans. I was picking through the chicken wing  hot case . One of the ladies that worked there ran and told someone a homeless guy was trying to steal chicken wings. That someone was my wife , who just happened to work there.

My appearance wasn’t on point. I could have gotten the beard lined up and groomed and wore better clothes. I wasn’t homeless, I wasn’t a thief.  The lady didn’t know that. All she saw was my appearance.


Take pride in how you dress , gentlemen. People talk and with people being so untrusting and socially dependent. It can cause you a lot of problems, unwarranted problems. You don’t always have to wear a suit, but the details matter.




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The Value Of Moral Sentries


Everyone has seen the movies with the medieval knights and castles. Whether you like them for the  weapons, armor, fight scenes , over acting or the default fake British accents. You can’t help but notice a higher level of thinking.

There is a bit of class and refinement to them. Even the poor and down trodden have a sense of dignity and level of morality to them. Today in the modern world people seem to be cultivating anything but a higher level of thinking. Today people seem to be drawn to a garbage culture.

When something rare and priceless is made available to everyone for dirt cheap it is no longer rare or valuable, it becomes common and worthless. Case in point,  sexuality of the human female. These days the human female has more sexual options than ever before and hooks up with those options on the regular.

The penis envy is strong among them. They must do what boys do and have what the boys have. Little do they know they de-value their sexuality in the process. I’m not bashing women, in fact I love women, they add a great dynamic to life. They give men reasons to grow to be better men by the constant testing and emotional hurricanes. But their power lies in their sexuality and their cunning. Not their notch counts.

Conquering a dream, leading a family or team or business or country to greatness is what men were wired for. For men to achieve this they must have a code of conduct, a code of set principles , an  uncompromising set of standards he will not be moved from.

This my friends is the where moral sentries stand guard. A sentry is a guard who stands tall and looks out for threats to his valuables. Valuables can be either physical items , intellectual items, moral items, or his family. The sentry stands as one part of a man’s defense and he has many.

Other parts can be a mote, a defensive wall, archers, infantry, whatever it is. It protects the things that he values. This is why the Temple Mount in Jerusalem had defensive walls and guards to protect the valuable arc of the covenant. This is why medieval Europe had castles  with motes and surrounded by stone walls.

To keep it all protected, to keep the evil doers out, to keep the sacred , well sacred. To keep the  threats at bay. Same principle all over the world. Barriers that only certain people can cross. Those worthy enough to pass were admitted.

This principle can also be used in your own mind, to mentally set up moral sentries, defensive walls, and motes to guard your mind against the threats that come to destroy you. “What threatens my mind?” you say. Threats like , low self esteem, gossip, pornography ,  drugs, murder, whatever lowers you as person is a threat.

A team of moral sentries will keep the threats at bay. You consciously set them up in your mind as things you will not do, things you will not say, thoughts you refuse to entertain, songs you wont listen to , movies you will never watch, behaviors you refuse to engage in and people you refuse to spent time with.

This will work with women as well but will be harder for them to discipline themselves into doing it. This is why they crave strong men to lead them. They’re half child/half adult. Set your principles up ,set your defensive walls up, appoint your moral sentries and have them stand guard. Because the threats are real and they will continue to attack until you draw your last breath.

A man must either discover his own set of principles or have them revealed to him. The threats will come and try to destroy you. Rise up for the fight boys. I’m in your corner.









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